The specimens listed below are casts taken from very significant specimens that were discovered during field expeditions by the Mahajanga Basin Project from 1993-2007 on the island of Madagascar. They inhabited the island 70 million years ago. Included in this collection are:

Majungasaurus was an abelisaurid theropod dinosaur and the top predator on the island, boasting a length of 21 feet. It possessed a short snout, sharp teeth, and a horn-like protrusion located at the top of its head. Its rather unconventional body had short and powerful hind legs and extremely small forelimbs.

Masiakasaurus was a noasaurid theropod dinosaur, measuring only about six feet in length. It was a small and slender predator, possessing front teeth that were long and directed forward to facilitate the capture of small prey.

Rapetosaurus was a titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur measuring approximately 50 feet long. It grazed on plant material with its peg-like teeth and also possessed osteoderms, or armour plates, in its skin. The skeleton of Rapetosaurus is the most complete skeleton of a titanosaur ever discovered.

Rahonavis was a diminutive bird-like predator. It measured approximately 2.2 feet in length and possessed a distinctive “sickle-like” talon on its second toe.

Simosuchus was a small armoured crocodile measuring 2.5 feet in length. It is a part of the suborder Notosuchia. Simosuchus was rather unusual looking as it was pug-nosed with a rounded skull and side facing eyes. It also had multi-cusped, clove-like teeth that suggested it led a vegetarian lifestyle.

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